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Eric Tan

Managing Director - Owner

Eric is born in 1965, whom grandparents migrated to Singapore from the Kinmen Island of Taiwan during the turmoil times of 1930s. Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, he has found and managed a successful construction and ID organization, Micozzi Corporation Pte Ltd, for more than 20 years.  In the course of his much success entrepreneurship, he has come to recognise the virtue of passion, sincerity and harmony.  And it is the passion and love for great cuisines that lead him to venture into the F&B business with two of his pals who share the same sentiments as him about food. His philosophy in life: Though life may not be fair, but with passion, sincerity and harmony, you will get your dues in one way or the other.

Rosy Aziz

Executive Director - Owner

As a Certified Management Trainer with more than 20 years of experience in F&B and Hospitality industry, Rosy has learnt to exceed customers’ expectations with service that sells, coupled with excellent leadership skills. She achieves success with the teams she leads by building morale, maintaining their self-confidence and detailed training. Aside from motivating and mentoring the team, Rosy is also responsible and instrumental in planning, developing and implementing strategic plans for the business and its growth.

Micail Chepi

Culinary Director - Owner

At the helm of FYR’s kitchen is Chef Micail Chepi, who as a native of West Java, Indonesia – home to some of the world’s most active volcanos – is no stranger to the power of fire. He has journeyed through some of Asia’s notable kitchens and developed enviable fine skills in and beyond the kitchen. Classically trained under the mentorship of critically acclaimed French chefs Gilles Marx and Eric Guilbert, he specialises in modern European cuisine and wood-fired grilled meats and seafood. Diners will find Chef Micail’s repertoire of food bursting with rich, rustic flavours tinged with hints of spices and herbs from his homeland, all of which allow the dishes to speak for themselves.

Throughout his culinary journey, Chef Micail has successfully led kitchens such as the Pan Pacific Hotel (Jakarta), The Ritz Carlton (Jakarta), Riva French Restaurant (Jakarta), Cassis Restaurant (Singapore), Privé Group(Singapore) and The Royal Mail Restaurant (Singapore) to critical acclaim.